I just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you that I really appreciate the way you responded to my recent request to look at and correct the slight erosion that was occurring under my putting green. I know that you guaranteed your work but not everyone always lives up to their commitments in such as professional manner. Someone else might have said “What do you expect with torrential rains?” and tried to side step coming back.
The green looks great (has from day one! ) and has been a real source of enjoyment for not only me but for our friends as well. It’s helped me work on my short game ( I love the chipping area at one end of the green ) and we’ve used it as a source of entertainment at several of our deck parties over the past year. I usually tell some of the husbands to bring their putter and chipping club with them to our party and sure enough we end up gathering around the green for some light-hearted short game competition. The spotlight and the benches round the green have enhanced our ability to do that even after dark.
All-in-all our putting green has been a great investment for me and I really appreciate the professional way in which you provided the initial installation as well as the recent followup. I even had my 1st hole-in-one a month ago, but since it was a 130 yard shot I guess I can’t really attribute that to my practice on my B.B.Golf putting green –at least I don’t think so!!! Thanks again,