Synthetic Turf International (STI) is always growing, and one of the places we have grown to is South Korea. STI has a branch based out of Jeju, South Korea and they recently had a huge install. At the Jeju branch office, they installed a 3,558 sq. ft. indoor putting course. This is something that is much needed for the area as golf is quickly gaining popularity in Korea. This install will give the people an area to practice their short game.


Getting Product to Jeju Island

STI of Korea was excited to do this job, but it did not come without some difficulties. Those difficulties included labor recruiting, logistics of moving the stuff from the mainland across the sea to the island of Jeju. Then moving the material up on to the roof was another challenge they faced. With rooftop installs that always tends to be a difficulty one has to overcome. It was even more difficult in this case because they had to have stuff shipped to the island to help them. Once the turf was on the roof, they were able to start installing the product.




Products Used for an Indoor Putting Green

The products that were used were NP50, Pro Cut, Bermuda Blend, and Bunker Turf. Most of these are products that are manufactured with golf and putting in mind. NP50 is a putting product. It offers a player a true ball roll and practice that can transfer over to natural turf. This is because we design our products to behave the same as natural turf. Bunker Turf was made to be used to create sand traps. This gives a realistic look and feel of a sand trap on a natural course. Pro cut is a product that is used for golf fringe, and Bermuda Blend is often used for playgrounds, but can also be used for fringe like in this install.


Why South Korea Chose STI

STI was chosen for this job because of the high quality of product and the way STI has been promoted in the past few years. This install is going to give new golf enthusiasts a place to practice their short game, and it doubles as a office for the STI of Korea Jeju branch. If you have any questions about this install or one you have in mind for yourself reach out to a member of our team today!

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